Thursday, August 6, 2015

I Miss her

I miss the gentleness of your touch,
I miss the gracefulness of ur walk,
I miss your carefree laugh,
I miss the sight of well rounded ass,
I miss the bump of your hips
I miss the of thickness of ur thighs,
I miss all things about your

Thursday, December 25, 2014

The water down her naked body

I flow from the tip of her head, soaking her flowing silky hair.
I stream over her long neck to her gently sloping shoulders.
Part of me finds its course down her perky breasts,
Clasping their roundedness' -like a new born and then
I pelt steadily from the tips of her hard nipples to her adorable feet below.

Other parts of me well out the shape of her African figure,
Curve after curve, bump after bump;
Like the hands of a gentle lover I caress her back,
Down her spine to the small of her back plus her flat tummy.
I hug tightly on the sharp arcs of her hips, and gaining momentum like
a mighty water fall
I free fall from her well rounded ass to the ground.
The rest of me navigates down to the meeting point of her strong, yet
gently shaped brown thighs, to the source of her womanhood.

All this while her big brown eyes are closed in epic serenity as her
small soft hands lead me seductively  to all parts of her body, every
crevice and to the depth of her inner being..

I am the water that she showers ..

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

I Told Her It was over (Part 2) Her story

As i lay in the labour ward my only concern was that i didnt know who the father of my child was.
"He told me it was over".. Honestly i had seen it coming.
The signs had stared me in the face for quite a while, but in typical gal
fashion i had put it down to him going through a phase.
As he got more distant, I inadvertently became more nagging and that didn't
help matters either.

It got to a point where i just threw in the towel emotionally and started
looking for the affection elsewhere.
And not to sound to full of it, but there were many more-than-willing charming
lads to fill the void that he wasn't filling.
So i picked on Steve, a married guy. he was a safe choice coz i knew he
wouldn't be all clingy .

I called him up and agreed to his previous numerous requests for a coffee dates. The date turned out to go quite well,guy was a real gentleman, confident, with the charm that would get a nun blushing.
No wonder there were many rumours of his infidelities - bro was smooth.

But to me he was a safe bet, there was no way i would get into an affair
with a married guy - said I from my high moral horse. He was just someone to
keep me company and fill the temporary void.

So as all things start, it was all innocent; he being smooth, I flirting back.
Then the  text frequency went up: then
our conversations became more intense and passionate.
Before long i longed for his company more often. We started meeting every week
and I would start missing him as soon as we parted.

His touchy hands that i used to find repulsive, started giving me Goosebumps. He
ogling my thick brown thighs started being a source of confidence and so the skirts
on the days we would meet became shorter.
He was playing the long game i guess, coz for over 2 months he never insinuated
wanting to have sex with me - that drew closer to him and made me more
comfortable around him.

So the time he suggested that i join him for a party at his friends house in the outskirts of town, I didn't
have to think twice...what could probably go wrong?....

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

I told her that we were done (4:17 minutes)

"Sorry,but you and I are done..PERIOD"I could see that she was holding back tears,but i had made up my mind. Her and i were done."Before you leave i have one request for old times sake",she asked."What request is that?",i growled back.She run into her room and changed into her lovely red dress that she knew i loved and a pair of black stilettos.When i asked her why she had changed into another outfit she said."I want you to dance with me one last time before you leave me".She dimmed the lights,and turned the radio up to our favourite song, "Lady in red".She placed her head on my shoulder as she let me lead her to rhythm of the song.

She did a couple of pirouettes across the room making her look like a rose dancing in the dark. And after each pirouette she returned straight into my arms and held me tight.Many thoughts flooded my mind during those 4:17 minutes (the duration of the song),but I never knew that those few minutes would define the rest of my life.

As the song concluded she firmly asked,"Kiss me one more time before you go".Before i could say no,she had planted her soft lips on mine.I was finished.....( 8 months and 25 days later)Now here i stand holding her hand as she delivers our son into this world..All because of 4 minutes and 17 seconds